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Parts of retractable shop canopy

Parts of retractable shop canopy

shop canopy


The structure of retractable shop canopy consists of die-cast or extruded aluminum
components. All joints in retractable (spring) structure are made using bolts and
Components of retractable structure include shop canopy fastener, gearbox, gearshift
retainer, pitch adjuster, arm, main shop canopy structure bracket, mounting bar and front
The bracket used in the arms of retractable shop canopy is provided using die-cast
method. These components are the main components that are clearly visible after
opening the shop canopy. Therefore if the customer requests, there is also possibility of
adding adds on these components. Inside these arms, there is a spring bar used to
apply a force on the covering fabric and therefore results in the apparent order of
the shop canopy. The side arm of retractable canopy is composed of two parts. These

parts are connected by joints and tow wire. To adjust the pitch of the shop canopy, the
pitch adjuster is used. With the help of bolts connected to these parts we can adjust
the canopy pitch to the requested pitch of customers.
To connect the roller bar of the canopy with retainer bracket of it gearshift retainer-
is used.


shop canopy
This piece is made of aluminum with an approximate weight of 250 grams and-
connects the arm to the mounting bar.


shop canopy
This piece with approximate weight of 250 grams is made of aluminum and is-
responsible for connecting the arm to the pitch adjuster of the canopy (it should be
noted that pitch adjuster piece is connected to the 40*40 bracket and the customer
can adjust the pitch by changing the angle manually).


shop canopyIn this picture you can see how to attach the 40*40 bracket to the arm.-


shop canopy
This set of components is used as a joint between the arm, which is made of iron,-
and two other pieces with an approximate weight of 500 grams of aluminum.


shop canopy

shop canopy
The arm is made of aluminum and is made in different sizes due to the opening
capacity of canopy.

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