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About us

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awning arya

The Shady Green Thinking awning arya Firm is known as one of the most successful and
most experienced firms in designing and manufacturing shop canopies, gazebo,
shade and tent canopy, pop-up shades and tents, marquee and camping tents and so
on… .This achievement is because of provision of reliable and fast services of its
specialists. In this line, canopy manufacturing workshop of awning arya was established to
provide canopy services.
By depending on the creativity of its designers, relying on young generation of
executives, and enjoying its 30 years of experience, it tries to meet the needs of
customers from consulting to delivering of products.
awning arya canopy manufacturing workshop
The company’s activity is focused on 2 design and production workshops and
related installer teams and with the designing, producing and installing of more
than 20000 types of canopies and tents is among the most advanced companies in
this industry.
Our customers
The Shady Green Thinking awning arya Firm has been working and contracting with big
companies such as Irancell, First Company, Jomaneh, Sabzan, New Class, Debsh
Tea, Golestan, Limon, LG, Samsung, Behnoush, Coca Cola, Nitle, Dairy Farmers,
Sabah Dairy, Damavand, Calber, Pakban, Behrang, NewBaraks, Multicafe, Persil,
Peril, Hamid Safron and …. The long list of our customers is the best guarantee we
can give you.