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Price list of carriage canopy

Price of shade canopies

Calculating the price of shade canopies:

Price of sunshade which includes the costs of skeleton, fabric, construction and
installation is calculated as follows:
Unit price*area of consuming fabric= price of shade canopies

∝ *(The size of the fabric=(opening+2 *Openness

Openness to 100 cm  ←     2 = ∝  • openness to 110 cm ←     2.2 = ∝

openness  to 120 cm ←     2.4=∝ • openness to 130 cm ←     2.6 = ∝

openness to 140 cm  ←   2.8 = ∝ • openness to 150 cm ←        3 = ∝

openness to 160 cm ←    3.2 = ∝ • openness to 170 cm ←     3.4 = ∝

In calculating the area of the fabric used, the three items of the hole, the opening and the height of the installation (distance between the installation to the ground floor) are involved; the opening of the carriage canopy can be considered between 170-70 cm. The height of the installation is the item to be considered in determining the opening of a Carriage umbrella cared for it because it has a great impact on the opening of a canopy.

openness Canopy=Installation height-200 cm

In calculating the area of fabric used three items of hub, opening and the height of
installation (the distance between installation site and floor) are relevant;
The opening width can be between 70-170 centimeters. Installation height is the
item that should be considered in determining the opening of a shade canopy as it
has a significant effect on its opening.
Shade opening=installation height-200(centimeters)
It should be noted that for a minimum opening, the height of installation should be

 Transit Fabric

 Transit is a product of Iranian companies which has polyester fiber
and one side PVC coating.
 Transit fabrics tend to be less sun-resistant (about half the Korean
coating) than the Korean fabric due to its rigidity.
 Transit fabrics can only be washed on one side.




 Korean Fabric

 Korean Fabric with PVC-coated polyester fiber is a suitable heat
resistant insulation (advantage of polyester fiber) on one hand, and on
the other hand prevents water penetration (the advantage of PVC
 Korean coating with glowing surface is very useful in reflection of
sunlight and resistance to emitted radiations.



Printing on Canopy:

 To print a shade canopy, two banner covers of Korean 13 ounces and first
class transit were used. Transit cover is of higher strength but has a lower
print quality than the 13-ounce Korean one.
 It is noteworthy that in the printing of the canopy, flex coating, which is
rigid and fragile, is not used, since the cover of shade canopy should be
flexible when the canopy is being assembled.